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Dormer window problems?

Dormer window problems?

Do you have PROBLEMS with Dormer Windows, Solar Panel Flashing or disconnected Solar Panel units? TMDAG has investigated and found many issues with dormers and solar panels in one part of Trumpington Meadows.

Are you a resident of Trumpington Meadows and if you have any of the above problems or you're not sure, please check as it could cost YOU real money to fix! TMDAG are currently liaising with the Managing Director of Barratt Homes who (due to GDPR he says) cannot discuss these individual problems in detail with our group on your behalf. So...

If you report it to us via our reporting form with your permission, we will pass your individual details onto Barratts as an affected resident for the MD and his team to ensure that they deal with EVERY single resident who has reported it through us and hence to them.

Nobody gets left behind.

TMDAG...Working on your behalf.