TMDAG was established to collect information about the various problems in Trumpington Meadows, primarily the build defects and ongoing maintenance issues multiple residences. It is part of our constitution that we shall robustly ensure that this information is acted upon and followed up, and that the results should be communicated to members.

TMDAG maintains a database of ongoing problems, and ask people to share information they have about new problems with us, which can be done here. There is a map, sometimes a bit out of date, of the issues in the estate. This map has multiple "layers", meaning that you can click to hide/reveal different types of information. Some of our data gathering and research leads to reports, such as the Tyers Report, on solar panels and dormer windows.

How & where to report problems

The main things which determine who is reponsible for solving a problem are:

  • what type of problem it is (e.g., construction defect, anti-social behaviour, dead trees, etc)
  • where the problem is occurring

Mostly, problems should be directly reporting to the company, council or agency responsible for solving it; where you think a problem is affecting multiple residents, please inform TMDAG as well as, not instead of, informing the party responsible. In particular, mentioning the problem on social media or WhatsApp, without actually reporting it properly to those responsible, means that people may be misled into thinking that something is being done when in fact no action is being taken.

Below please find detailed information on where to report: