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Final update re Travellers

Final update re Travellers

At a meeting yesterday, the current Landowners of the Meadows (Grosvenor Estates) and the current builders (Barratts) reached an agreement to do the following:

  • Arrange temporary protection for the various entrances to the Meadows as a matter of urgency within the next few days
  • Arrange Long term and permanent protection to ensure that this invasion cannot happen again - leaving only the Emergency Entrance/Exit as a way of entering the Meadow.

Please note that some of the temporary Defences may not be pretty but they will be practical so please bear with everyone involved as these are only short term and they will be replaced with more appropriate solutions in due course.

The Legal handover and conveyance of the Grosvenor land to the Wildlife Trust is still progressing and in the long term, these types of additional responsibility will form part of the Trust's remit as well as all that they do at the moment.

Finally, thank you to the many residents who have supported TMDAG and the Wildlife's endeavours over the last few days as well as to Grosvenor, Barratt, the Police and the Wildlife Trust in reaching a rapid conclusion to this very difficult situation.